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You probably hear about the importance of social media for your business all of the time. But how can you take advantage of it? Brands today know they must adapt to the new digital environment to ensure that they have a growing and thriving community of prospects, leads and loyal customers.

Social networks have reinvented how customers interact with businesses online. The first mistake most small businesses make when looking at social network marketing is they think “how can I sell through a social network?” Those asking that question are looking at it all wrong.

We have a history of helping brands engage today’s consumer with social media. We use inbound and social media marketing to grow your community while converting social media followers into loyal customers.

Social Media Strategy & Advertising

Most companies end up wasting a lot of time and resources when they dive into doing their own social marketing. Why? They only engage existing customers in their social media channels. Many haven’t figured out how to attract the right audience of new prospects to their channels and turn them into leads and customers.

  • Platforms:Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others supported
  • Campaign Strategy: Awareness, Engagement & Lead Generation
  • Paid Social Advertising Strategy

Social Media Contests & Giveaways

Attract new prospects and leads into your marketing database with custom, highly targeted, visual and engaging “Enter-to-Win” Social Media Giveaways.

We’ve developed and launched successful regional and national giveaways contests, helping to draw in hundreds of new leads and customers for our clients.

Social Media Giveaways Include:

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Custom Graphics
  • Contest landing pages, entry forms, and rules
  • Targeted Ads
  • Ready-to-share Promotional Posts
  • Lead Lists

 Social Content Designed To Engage

The secret to engaging people on social media with great content, is tied to your ability to understand what type of images, messages, stories, and posts will generate a click, comment or share.

Our team of social media strategists, copywriters and designers can take the guesswork out and publish beautifully crafted content your followers will love.

  • Social Content Strategy
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Infographics
  • Quote Overlays
  • Engaging Copy
  • Social Traffic to Your Site

Monitoring, Reporting & Management

Do you lack the time and expertise to effectively manage and monitor your social channels? We’re happy and qualified to help!

  • Comment Monitoring & Notification
  • On-page Engagement
  • Platform Analytics & Social Media KPI Reports